How create and open online Exchanger?

The sphere of online exchangers is not regulated by the state or any government bodies in the entire CIS market. As a rule, ordinary Internet entrepreneurs who work in this business by trial and error work on this market. As a rule, the online exchanger does not have offices, does not buy and sell currencies for cash, does not have official legal registration with tax authorities, and therefore does not pay taxes.

The main problem of online exchangers is that in this market mainly people who do not have any economic education, do not have a business plan, do not have rules of business ethics, and there is also a big problem that banks block cards and close accounts by law on laundering money obtained by criminal means. Recently, a large number of scammers have been prevailing who find their victims on the Internet, make an application in the exchanger, after which they give the victim the cardholder’s card number, the victim transfers the money, thinking that he makes payment for the product / service, and the fraudster eventually receives anonymous online money that subsequently withdraws through the same exchangers already to their real bank details. From here, the cards also fly away to the block or the owner of the exchanger receives a summons to go to the police. In order to avoid such cases as much as possible, it is necessary to identify customers and preferably call them, and even these actions do not guarantee that everything will be in order.

How to open your exchanger?

As mentioned above, special education is not necessary for this. The main condition is to be well versed in payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets, Internet banking, that is, to be an active user of all of the above, to be able to transfer and receive transfers in these systems. The second main condition is to have working capital in the amount of 30-50 thousand dollars, maybe less, but the more the more liquid your business will be and the correspondingly more income. When there are often small reserves, there will be an imbalance between currencies, and in online exchangers there are at least 10. For example, with a small reserve, all your funds flowed to Perfect Money, and the client comes to buy Bitcoin, you do not have the currency he needs and he goes to competitors. With a large reserve, there will be a good balance between currencies. There is also a way out for small reserves, for example, working only in the direction of the BTC Card and vice versa, in this case even 5-10 thousand dollars will be enough. The third is already a minor condition to buy a ready-made exchanger script or hire a programmer and write a script from scratch. Writing a script from scratch will be more expensive, but you can then sell your script to others as well.

What will be the net profit?

As practice shows, a well-developed online exchanger, included in the BestChange monitoring listing, will bring from 1-3 thousand dollars per month. But for this at least you need to work hard on website promotion for at least the next 6-12 months. All of course individually, the profit can be either a little less, or much more.

Franchise online exchanger

Often on the Internet you can find various franchises for a business, so there is currently no franchise for such a business, and if you meet such offers somewhere, then know everything you need is described in this article for free at no cost. But if you still meet such an offer, then it will be a waste of money.

Where to start the activities in steps:

  • Buy a script;
  • Set up exchange directions;
  • Run website promotion and contextual advertising on Google and Yandex;
  • Write topics on forums, that is, declare yourself for free, for example, the popular Russian-language forums BitsMedia and BitcoinTalk;
  • Write quality unique articles on various topics related to your business. Only unique articles, not copied from other sites. Example: How to exchange Perfect Money in the Russian Federation, How to withdraw money from Bitcoin to a Privat Bank card and the like;
  • Open accounts on social networks: facebook, twitter and vkontakte. After writing articles to publish headlines in the social network, you can brief description, hashtags and links to your articles. Believe me, this is all important and will gradually help seo promote your site;
  • According to the results of 2-3 months of successful work, add the site to various monitoring;

After 6 months, you should have feedback on forums and monitoring, and only if all these conditions are met, send an application for listing to monitoring BestChange, since they look at independent positive reviews in the first place.

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